You are a classically trained violinist, but you want to learn how to express yourself through fiddling. You feel a strong connection to your Irish and/or Scottish roots and want to learn more about the traditional music styles from both countries. You’ve been fiddling for a little while now, but still can’t quite figure out how to sound like a fiddler. You’re curious about how to play with an Irish lilt or a Scottish snap.

Is this you? Are any of the above statements resonating with you? Are you feeling stuck or burnt out in your violin studies and want to try learning another style for a change?

I offer private lessons, in person or via Skype, and would love to work with you to improve your fiddling skills! I primarily teach Irish fiddle, but also can work with students who are interested in Scottish, Cape Breton and Appalachian Old-Time styles.

To get you started, take a look at this YouTube video I recorded a few years ago back when I lived in an apartment in Cork, Ireland. I cover a few tips on how to “make your Irish jig sound like an Irish jig,” which is just a short sample of what I can offer you in one-on-one lessons.

Find out a few ways you can improve your fiddling in less than 5 minutes!

Here’s a secret for you: at some point in my life, I have strongly identified with each of the statements in my first paragraph. I was a classically trained violinist who couldn’t figure out how to play an ornamental roll in time with the beat. My playing was stiff and I had a poor sense of rhythm. I had no groove. Now here I am with twenty+ years of violin/fiddle practice under my belt — and I am way further along in my technical prowess.

So, if you are ready to step up to your next level of fiddling — whether as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced musician — click through here to send me an email, and let’s get you set up with lessons! I look forward to working with you!