Photo by Holly Conners

Hey y’all, I’m Hannah, and you can probably tell from the “y’all” that I was born and raised in the southern United States — Charlotte, North Carolina to be specific! I’ve been playing the violin since I was five years old, only to later discover that my true passion is Irish fiddling. Growing up, I always believed I’d stay in Charlotte, but life has had other plans for me. I’m now based in northern Michigan for the time being, where I’ve gained valuable experience in professional-level gigging and in balancing a full time job with freelance musical opportunities!

I’ve lived in North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina, but took a completely different turn in fall 2016 when I moved to Cork, Ireland for a year to pursue a Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology. Having graduated from Furman University in SC with two Bachelors Degrees in Music and Anthropology, the next logical step was to combine them — and why not study in a place where I could immerse myself in the very music that I have grown to love so much? While I have now achieved the Masters, my time in Ireland is certainly not over, and I know I will find ways to keep returning!

I decided to start my blog, Fiddle Forays, quite simply because I love to write. Academia and I have happily parted ways, but I’ve found that even though I am not in school anymore, I still have an eagerness to learn, to research, and to share my own perspective with the world. I intend for Fiddle Forays to be a place where I give you various travel stories, Irish fiddle teaching tips, insights into ethnomusicology, and anything else y’all think I should talk about! I’m eager to hear your suggestions, and hope that you will enjoy following along in my musical adventure!

N.B. If you’re wondering what the “ceol” means in my username, it’s the term for “music” in the Irish language!